Deep Mutational Scanning Symposium

Speaker Bios

Lea Starita


Opening Remarks


BAT Lab, Genome Sciences, University of Washington


Jesse Bloom(KEYNOTE) Mapping Person to Person Variations that Escape Human Immunity to Influenza Virus Bloom Lab – Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center
Nadav Ahituv


Functional Characterization of Gene Regulatory Elements


School of Pharmacy-UCSF


Calin Plesa


Multiplexed Characterization of Protein Families with DropSynth Gene Synthesis and Broad Mutational Scanning


Knight Campus – University of Oregon


Stephanie Zimmerman


Measuring the Effect of Missense Variants on Protein Stability Proteome-wide


Fields Lab – Genome Sciences -University of Washington



Benedetta Bolognesi


Deep Mutagenesis to Understand Prion-like Domains


Institute for Bioengineering of Catalonia


Hong Kee Tan


Saturation Genome Editing of Developmental Disorder Genes


Sanger Institute

Andrew Glazer



Deep Mutational Scans of Cardiac Ion Channel Function and Cell Surface Abundance


Post Doctural Fellow, Vanderbilt University


Clara Amorosi



Massively Parallel Functional Profiling of CYP2C9 Variants Using a Yeast Activity Assay


Graduate Student, University of Washington



Juan Caideco



Phenotyping Variants of Unknown Significance with Cell Painting


Schmidt Fellow – Broad Institute








Vatsan Raman



Functional Plasticity and Evolutionary Adaptation of Allosteric Regulation



University of Wisconsin-Madison


Seemay Chou


In Vitro Evolution of Hyperactive Bacterial Cell Wall- degrading Toxins


University of California, San Francisco



Eric Kelsic



Comprehensive Fitness Landscape of AAV Capsid Reveals a Viral Gene and Enables Machine-guided Design



Research Scientist, Harvard University/Dyno Therapeutics



Doug Fowler, Ph. D. Doug’s background is in protein science and genomics. He loves learning, developing new methods and helping people realize their goals. @dougfowler42 dfowler [at]



Doug Fowler






Genome Sciences, University of Washington