BBI is announcing the launch of the Flu@home Research Study, a component of the Seattle Flu Study announced earlier this year. Flu@home will pilot the use of at-home self-testing kits and reporting for influenza.

How does it work? Anyone with cold or flu symptoms will first download the flu@home app to their phones, consent to the study, and answer a few questions about their symptoms. Participants will then receive the Flu@Home test kit in the mail (within 1-2 days) and use the Flu@home app to guide them through performing a gentle nasal swab. After completing the self-swab and test, participants will mail back their kit and receive a gift card as a thank you for participation.

As with the larger Seattle Flu Study, pathogens found in the samples will undergo standard testing and sequencing to compare test results and determine the feasibility of home-testing. Participation will help us to better understand how to improve and distribute at-home self-testing kits and use them as an integral part of response to infectious diseases.

Ultimately identifying those people who are ill and empowering them to perform early testing could make treatment more convenient for the patient, and help control the spread of infectious diseases. These ideas could one day help us stop the spread of the flu, lead to personalized treatments, smarter prevention, and a safer and healthier world for all of us.

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