The BBI Clinical Research Proteomics Platform is a collaborative resource that develops and provides access to next-generation clinical proteomic assays, for example using Multiple Reaction Monitoring Mass Spectrometry (MRM). The Platform is led by Dr. Amanda Paulovich, a Member of the Clinical Research Division at Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center. Watch a video and see the Paulovich Laboratory website for more info on the capabilities available to the CRPP.

Proteomic Assays Available in the Paulovich Lab

The Paulovich Lab has developed and analytically validated a collection of targeted Mass Spectrometry-based proteomic assays (e.g. multiple reaction monitoring, MRM) spanning multiple cellular pathways, and we can run these assays in your clinical or basic biological biospecimens.  There are also a collection of assays currently in development for your future reference.

For all MRM assays, we are committed to carrying out full assay characterization, compliant with CPTAC guidelines. CPTAC has established a CPTAC Assay Antibody portals where many assay SOPs and reagents are made publicly available for noncommercial use (See CPTAC Assay Portal Link and CPTAC Antibody Portal.

For more information about proteomic assays, explore the proteomic assays page.