Multiplex Assays of Variant Effects (MAVEs) are key to variant interpretation and are transforming our understanding of the human genome. This annual symposium is sponsored by the Center for the Multiplex Assessment of Phenotype , Illumina, Octant, Wellcome Sanger Institute, and the Brotman Baty Institute. Experts in the field of mutational scanning come from around the world meet to present their work and provide insights on the future of this science for this three-day event which will be held virtually April 5th-7th 2021 (Registration is free!)

We have a great lineup of Speakers including:

Kim Reynolds, Ben Lehner, John Doench, Maitreya Dunham, Martin Kampmann, Rachel Karchin, Prashant Mali, Eric Procko, and Tyler Starr (to see the full list and lineup, please see our AGENDA for details!) Please note that all times are in PACIFIC STANDARD TIME.