About The Brotman Baty Institute

The Brotman Baty Institute for Precision Medicine, or BBI, was founded in November 2017 by UW Medicine, Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center and Seattle Children’s.

Seattle is home to a remarkable community of individuals and labs conducting groundbreaking research in areas relevant to precision medicine. It is also home to several of the world’s leading hospitals and healthcare systems, and is furthermore an epicenter of innovation in technology and data science. The BBI’s mission is to take advantage of this unique ecosystem, as well as Seattle’s collaborative culture, towards having a transformative impact on biomedical research and patient outcomes through the development and application of precision approaches to healthcare. Our world-renowned investigators work together on shared scientific interests in areas including medical genetics, cancer biology, infectious disease and technology development.

The BBI provides unfettered access to centralized platforms offering advanced technologies and other capabilities. It is also engaged in flagship projects in select areas, e.g. laying the foundations for a human cell atlas, and cataloging the consequences of all possible mutations in medically relevant genes. The Institute takes advantage of Seattle’s culture of collaboration in the health sciences, and its leadership in genomics, bioinformatics and data science.

We are excited to conduct the basic science needed to understand what makes people differently vulnerable to disease. And, over time, we aim to turn this knowledge into better, more specific diagnostics and treatments for people with cancer, rare childhood diseases, Alzheimer’s and other conditions.

In all that we do and achieve over the coming years, we have the institute’s four visionary investors and founders to thank: Jeffrey H. and Susan Brotman, and Daniel R. and Pamela L. Baty.

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