BBI Grant Awardees

Each year, the Brotman Baty Institute (BBI) awards grants to encourage engaging and impactful research among investigators across the three founding institutions (UW, FHCRC, Seattle Children’s) with clear relevance to precision medicine. Since the program was launched in 2018, these “catalytic collaborations” have led to inspired discoveries, numerous papers published in peer-reviewed journals, and have been leveraged to acquire additional funds from private and public sector donors, including R01 grants from the National Institutes of Health. There are two award categories – Catalytic Collaborations and Precision Medicine Clinical Labs – and each has two funding levels for faculty and trainees. All grant proposals are reviewed by a committee composed of faculty from all three institutions; the committee’s recommendations are then provided to the BBI Scientific Director Dr. Jay Shendure. These grants underscore BBI’s commitment to facilitating innovation among its members and trainees.

Below are stories highlighting BBI's grant-funded projects that reflect the diversity of the Institute's work on precision medicine, as well as a comprehensive list of the awardees from each year, and the work conducted.

2018 Catalytic Collaborations Awards

Kemp Kugel Smaller BBI ‘Catalytic Collaboration Grant’: Bringing Precision Medicine to Pancreatic Cancer

Coffey and Becker text BBI ‘Catalytic Collaboration’ Grant Leads to ‘Extraordinary’ Progress in Research for Directing Treatment of Multiple Myeloma Patients

Payne Hisama Zhao text Study of Electronic Health Records Demonstrates Value of Data in Referring Patients for Genetic Testing

2019 Catalytic Collaboration Awards Eichler Chang Miller BBI ‘Catalytic Collaboration Grant’ funded in 2019 Leads to Promising Genetic Diagnoses of Rare Diseases

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2022 Awardees

2021 CC PMCL Awards

2020 CC PMCL Awardees

2019 CC PMCL Awardees